How You Can Help (and Contact)

Dr. Hayes with bird
Photograph: Pat Barry

Every day brings new insights, new appreciation, and greater respect for the beautiful and complex wonders of nature that we are diligently studying. As a result, we’re driven to undertake larger and more ambitious projects, with the hope that we are doing something to make our planet a better place.

Our primary tasks are to procure detailed information on the endangered animals that we study and the habitats they depend on; to share this information with key decision-makers and the public; and to train the next generation of conservation biologists.




“Our greatest needs are massive public and decision-maker education and intensified scientific research.”

Pericles Maillis 
Past President of the Bahamas National Trust

Our work would remain incomplete, however, if we failed to cultivate the concern and support of others to preserve and nurture the many forms of life that share the planet with us. If you are interested in partnering with us, please consider making a financial contribution to our effort. Your gift could make an enormous difference. Your tax-deductible donation could, for example:

Your gift can be made online by clicking here and selecting the “Make a Gift” and “Bahamas research” options . Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further your interest in giving.

William K. Hayes, Ph.D.
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